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Our plans allow for cost-effective alternatives to business car ownership. New vehicles support a strong company image and ensures you have the right car available when you need it. Plus, you’ll only pay for the vehicles for the period you need them.

A profitable and versatile rental option that allows you to:

  • Make use of the vehicles without having to commit to a high initial outlay, which helps limit the company’sindebtment and gives you the possibility of dedicating yourcapital to productive business-related investments.
  • Break free of the documentation and vehicle supervision processes, as well as of selling them when they reach their end-of-life period.
  • Reduce garage and personnel expenses.
  • Increase savings by being exempt of the 1% tax applied on taxable assets.
  • Guarantee your business’s operations’ continuity with the substitute car program in case of any eventuality.


    Available for a day, weeks, or months. Up to 3-month period.


    From 3 to 11 months.


    Own a vehicle fleet for a 12 to 48 month period.

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